If you already live and work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you will no doubt be familiar with the Emirates ID. If you aren’t aware, all residents of the UAE must know how important it is to have an Emirates ID card on hand., at all times. And if your ID is close to expiring or has already expired, it is essential to initiate the Emirates ID renewal process.

To help you with it, we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to renew your Emirates ID.

What is Emirates ID?

Emirates ID is an identity card emitted by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. It is legally required for all the Emirati citizens and residents to apply for one and carry it with them at all times.

Here’s where the Emirates ID is useful –

  • to get government services
  • to vote in the elections of Federal National Council
  • as a travel document for UAE citizens to travel within the GCC
  • as a document to pass immigration through the eGates and smart gates at several airports in the UAE.

The ID card consists of the following elements which provide the highest levels of accuracy and security. They are –

  • Smart card
  • Public critical infrastructure (digital signature and authentication certificates)
  • Fingerprint biometric

How to Renew your Emirates ID?

The renewal procedure of your Emirates ID varies between the UAE expatriates and citizens. For expats, the first step to renewing an Emirates ID is renewing their UAE residency visa as the two are linked to each other. Expats can only renew their Emirates ID if they have a legitimate residency visa in the Emirate.

The Dubai Emirates ID renewal procedure for UAE citizens is relatively simple and outlined below. In both cases, the steps needed to renew your ID are as follows.

The steps include –

1. Register and Submit the Emirates ID Renewal Form

The first step under the renewal procedure involves gathering all the needed documents as under –

Documents Required for Expats

  • Original passport
  • Old Emirates ID card
  • Original valid residency visa or entry permit
  • Residency visa under renewal is applicable
  • For newborns or those under the age of 15: Personal photo (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm) with white background, original birth certificate or father’s passport or Emirates ID, passport and visa of the sponsor of the applicant (only for newborns)

UAE citizens, GCC Nationals and expatriates each need a separate set of documents as are necessary for the Emirates ID renewal process.

Documents Required for the UAE Citizens

  • Original Family Book (in case of newborn application, make sure the child is added to the family book) (Only required when applying through a typing centre)
  • Original passport
  • For newborns or those under the age of 15: Personal photo with white background (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm), original birth certificate OR father’s passport or Emirates ID. ID Number issued when registering in the Population Register (only for newborn applications)

Documents Required for GCC Nationals

  • Original passport
  • Original Valid GCC ID Card
  • For newborns or those under the age of 15: Personal photo with white background, original birth certificate OR father’s passport or Emirates ID
  • Proof of residency in the UAE (such as valid trade license, certificate to prove the applicant is studying in the UAE, employment certificate or attested employment agreement) (For children, the relevant documents for the parent of the applicant can be used)

You can initiate the process by using the following smart applications –

  • Dubai Customer Happiness Centers
  • Typing Centers in Dubai
  • Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) service centres or smart service/mobile application

These channels ease the entire Emirates ID renewal process for applicants. Once you are at the centres, the representatives there will help you in filling the Emirates ID renewal form, where you will have to add your details.

2. Pay the Fees

Once the forms have been filled out, and the documents are sent, the next step is to pay the fees. The Emirates ID renewal cost is dependent on the validity of the Emirates ID as well as the centre where you are completing the process.

Typing Centre

  • Emirates ID Renewal Fees for Expats: AED 170 (1-year validity), AED 270 (2-year validity), AED 370 (3-year validity)
  • UAE Citizens: AED 170 (5-year validity), AED 270 (10-years validity)
  • GCC National: AED 170 (5-year validity)

FAIC Website/Smart App

  • Expats: AED 140 (1-year validity), AED 240 (2-year validity), AED 340 (3-year validity)
  • UAE Citizens: AED 290 (5-year validity), AED 390 (10-years validity)
  • GCC National: AED 290 (5-year validity)

Customer Happiness Centers

  • Expat/Resident: AED 290 (1-year), AED 390 (2-years) AED 490 (3-years)
  • UAE Citizen: AED 290 (5-year validity), AED 390 (10-year validity)
  • GCC AED 290 (5-year validity)
  1. Confirm your Biometrics

Now, you are halfway through completing your process. Once the payments are made, you will receive an SMS informing you about the application status. In a few cases, applicants above the age of 15 years may need to have their biometrics taken. This can be facilitated by visiting nay of approved Preventive Medicine Centre to have their photographs and fingerprints taken.

3. Collect your ID

The final step is to collect your ID. You will receive an SMS informing that the ID card is ready for collection from a post office of your choosing. And that’s all you need to do to renew the Emirates ID. While it seems relatively straightforward, it’s essential to have all the documents ready at hand when going to renew the UAE ID card.

The Emirates ID renewal processing time can vary depending on the different situations.

When Should you Renew your Emirates ID?

Expats must renew the Emirate ID at the same time the residency visa is being renewed. However, when the card does expire, the UAE citizens and residents have a grace period of 30 days from the date of expiry, to renew the ID card. Residents who fail to renew the ID before that faces a fine of AED 20 per day, which can go up to a maximum of AED 1,000.

How Long Does it Take for the Emirates ID Renewal?

It can take anywhere from one-five days, depending on the type of method you choose. To get it within a day, the authorities will charge the urgent services fee for expats which is an additional charge.

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