Countless chances in the UAE to establish your own independent business and way of life.

About UAE Freelance Visa

Make the most of your Freelance Visa to have a great time in the UAE

Any UAE Free Zone Authority will accept a freelancer visa or freelance permit holder’s ability to work as a freelance professional.

If you are a lone practitioner, you can use your given name instead of a business name. You must choose a jurisdiction (the Mainland or one of the Free Zones), a sector of work, and acquire the necessary paperwork and licenses in order to operate as a freelancer.

In Dubai, a freelancer’s license is only good for a year before needing to be renewed.

About UAE Freelance Visa

Qualifications for UAE Freelance Applications Visa

Talent at the greatest level is concentrated in Dubai. Because of this, a lot of professionals are looking to move somewhere with high living standards that are on par with those in Western nations and no personal income tax. This explains the popularity of the Freelance Permit in Dubai. Professionals can live their ideal lives and take advantage of everything Dubai has to offer while working remotely.

To apply for a UAE Freelance Visa, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • A degree certificate, a certificate of prior employment, and a portfolio of prior experience are necessary to obtain a UAE freelancer license.

Common paperwork for the UAE Freelance Visa application

The procedure for applying for a freelance permit differs depending on the free zone in which you register.

Common Freelance Visa required documents

  • Passport
  • Studio photo in white background
  • CV or Resume - To provide duly complete data, including business, work and educational Background
  • Attested Degree Certificate required as per profession
  • Previous Employment Certificate, Portfolio
  • Additional documents as per required by the authority
  • Copy of current visa – if a UAE resident
  • Copy of Emirates ID – if a UAE resident

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Here is a list of the services that are included in our UAE Golden Visa Package:

  • Assessment of individual documents
  • Review of the required documents - Eligibility Verification
  • Selection of a Free Zone
  • Document submission to Freezone authority
  • Obtaining the license required for the right profession or business activity for further functions.
  • Obtaining Establishment Card
  • Visa arrangement processing
  • Medical tests arrangement typing
  • Emirates ID arrangement typing
  • Timely updates