Get a Dubai maid visa for childcare and household help, emphasizing immigration requirements and renewal.


Hire a housemaid to live comfortably in the United Arab Emirates with your family

Domestic workers or maids are an indispensable part of the family. In addition to taking care of the children, they perform many other essential household chores. There are many benefits of having a maid in Dubai. First and foremost, it can significantly free up your time. If you have young children, a maid can help care for them while you are at work or attending to household chores.

Before hiring a maid or any type of domestic household workers in UAE, it is crucial to ensure that you have the proper documentation for immigration. It is also integral to know all about maid visa sponsorship.

A maid visa in Dubai is a visa that allows UAE residents to sponsor their domestic workers. This visa is also called a housemaid visa or a nanny visa Dubai.

The maid visa in Dubai can be one or two years, and the sponsor must renew the visa to keep the same maid employed.

Pricing and documents

Common documentation needed to sponsor a housemaid visa in the UAE

Based on the requirements mentioned above and eligibility criteria, here is the list of documents you will need to submit with your housemaid visa application.

Housemaid Visa required documents:

  • Passport copy of housemaid
  • Photograph (1) white background
  • Sponsor's passport + residence visa copy + original Emirates ID
  • Sponsor’s spouse passport + residence visa copy + Original Emirates ID
  • Sponsor’s Marriage Certificate (must be Attested from UAE embassy and UAE MOFA) with Arabic Legal translation
  • EJARI certificate if renting or Title Deed if they own properties (MUST BE 2-4 BEDROOMS)
  • Latest DEWA bill
  • Sponsor's Arabic Salary certificate from the DMCC portal addressed to immigration if sponsor is working in Freezone or Labour contract if the sponsor is working in LLC/Mainland [must be above AED 25,000.00]
  • Salary slips 3 months under company letterhead with company stamp
  • Bank statement 3 months
  • Copy of Housemaid cancellation paper and old Visa and old Emirates ID if the maid already worked in UAE
  • Children's Passport and visa copy
  • If the Nationality of the Sponsor and Housemaid is the same, No Blood Relation Affidavit from their own Consulate is required
  • Police clearance is required if the housemaid is an african nationality

Types of Housemaid Visa


Entry permit residence outside/inside
Amendment/change status (if required)
Medical test for Maids
Emirates ID biometrics
1 year residence visa for expat normal employee & up to 2 years residence visa for golden visa holders

Processing days

2-3 weeks


Contract with Tadbeer
Entry permit residence outside/inside
Amendment/change status (if required)
Medical test for Maids
Emirates ID biometrics
2 years residence visa
Salary payment will be done to tadbeer

Processing days

2-3 weeks

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