UAE Mainland Company Formation (LLC)

Based on our client’s core business requirements and investment budgets, our team suggests the most appropriate legal structure for mainland companies.


Allow our expertise to steer you towards selecting the most suitable corporate structure for your business.

To establish a business in the UAE, investors are required to register their company either in the mainland of an Emirate or in one of its free zones. Opting to set up a business in the UAE mainland offers investors numerous advantages, including extensive freedom and flexibility to develop and operate their business. The Department of Economic Development (DED) of the respective Emirate issues a Mainland License for such companies. Mainland companies in the Emirates benefit from vast trading opportunities with minimal restrictions, granting investors access to both the local UAE market and international markets.


Benefit from the UAE's position as the global economic hub with the highest growth rate.

The amendments made to the Commercial Companies Law in 2021 have led to a surge in the popularity of mainland company formation among foreign investors. This can be attributed to the following factors:

  • VAT as low as 5% and personal income tax of 0%
  • There are no limitations on mainland businesses operating in free zones or conducting business in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Visas are typically restricted by workspace rather than number.
  • Over 2000 different business activities, including those pertaining to trade, commerce, industry, and professions, are eligible for mainland licenses.

Perfect conditions for your business

Allow 1Pro Centre DMCC to assist you in selecting the optimal corporate structure for your mainland company in the United Arab Emirates, enabling you to leverage the following advantages.

Unlimited number of company activities under a single license.

DED provides an extensive selection of over 2000 business activities for you to explore and select from.

Variety of legal options

LLCs and Private Joint-Stock Companies (including single-owner companies) are among the available corporate structures.

Capital without restrictions

No minimum or maximum restrictions on the capital amount.

No limit in UAE resident visas

Eligibility for visas will be determined based on the size of the office space.

Enchase more business opportunities

Present exclusive private and government projects that are not accessible within Free Zones.

Office anywhere in Dubai

No restrictions on the choice of location for renting or purchasing an office or commercial space.


Select the appropriate legal solution that aligns with your business objectives!

In contrast to a mainland company, a free zone company is established within a designated jurisdiction within an Emirate. The issuance of trade licenses falls under the jurisdiction of the Free Zone Authority, while mainland companies acquire trade licenses from the Department of Economic Development. Free zones in the UAE offer advantages such as 100% foreign ownership and tax incentives.

A business entity operating under a free zone structure can solely engage in business activities within the free zone and outside the UAE. On the other hand, a business entity operating under a mainland structure has the flexibility to conduct business both within the UAE and internationally.

Comparing the features of mainland and free zone licenses.

Assess the features of business setup in UAE mainland and free zones, and select the option that suits your needs best.

Features Free Zone License Mainland License
Company ownership 100% foreign ownership When the activity is listed in DED's approved activities list, foreign ownership is 100%. For strategic activities, UE/GCC shareholders must hold 51% of the shares
Minimum share capital Starting from AED 10,000. Each free zone has its own requirements for proof and amount No standard requirement, determined by the legal structure
Company setup procedure 100% remote Physical presence of shareholder(s) or POA is required
Business setup time 12 - 15 days 7 - 10 days
Work premises Office facilities are required for all free zone businesses. In almost all free zones Virtual offices options are available Minimum of 140 sq.m. office space is required
Import/ export duties No exemption Free zone companies are allowed to import and export goods to other countries without customs duties
Financial audits Depending on a free zone Mandatory for all businesses
Corporate bank account Starting from 3 weeks Within 2-3 weeks
Visa eligibility With sufficient office space visas eligibility can be unlimited With sufficient office space visas eligibility can be unlimited

Our team can provide assistance in registering a mainland company in the UAE.

While the process of establishing and obtaining a Mainland License in the UAE can be time-consuming, seeking legal guidance will streamline the procedure and aid foreign companies in selecting the appropriate legal framework for their business.

Count on 1Pro Centre DMCC to assist you in determining the most efficient corporate structure for your mainland company and providing support throughout the entire registration process until your company is fully operational and compliant with all UAE laws and regulations.

In addition to facilitating your company’s establishment in the UAE, we offer assistance with visa applications, opening bank accounts, managing bookkeeping tasks, and ensuring tax compliance.