Pro & Business Administration


Outsourcing PRO & Admin services can help you save time, money, and focus

Following its establishment in the United Arab Emirates, your company must make sure that its corporate responsibilities don’t interfere with day-to-day operations. Having someone to assist you along the way can make everything seem simple, whether you need to apply for work visas, change the name of your business, rearrange the organizational structure, or draft a share transfer agreement.

Here, 1Pro Centre DMCC can help you with a variety of business administration-related issues by offering complete support. We assist in streamlining your corporate responsibilities, from selecting an appropriate license to renewing your business license, getting a tax certificate, and completing all other necessary business paperwork.

PRO & administration services

We will tailor customized packages to meet the needs of any type or size of the company in its business journey in the UAE

Company Services

  • License Renewal
  • Lease Renewal
  • Establishment Card Renewal
  • E-channel Renewal
  • Company Insurance Renewals
  • Legalization of Company Documents
  • Amendment of Company Structure:
    • Transfer of Shares
    • Increase of Shares
    • Change of Manager
    • Change of Officers
    • Downgrade/Upgrade of Facility
    • Office Sharing Permit
  • HR consultancy

Employee Services

  • New, Renewal and Cancellation of Visa:
    • Investor
    • Employee
    • Dependents
    • Servants
  • Driving License Conversion
  • Legalization of Documents
  • Assistance in Translation of Documents
  • Salary Certificate
  • Tax Resident Certificate
  • End-of-Service Calculations


  • Registration in Chamber of Commerce
  • Registration in Customs
  • Registration in Dubai Customs
  • Assistance in Trademark Registration/ Renewal
Why choose us

We offer these services in addition to the ones listed above in the PRO and Admin service packages

A committed manager of human resources will offer pertinent data regarding adherence to UAE employment laws and regulations. Only two hours per month

Dedicated Customer Relations Manager to make sure that all company and employee-related communications are properly coordinated with Free Zone officials

Email notifications that are sent automatically when company corporate documents or team member/employee employment documents expire

Notifications on a regular basis of any pertinent modifications to the Government Authorities Regulations

Prompt, precise, and individualised service delivery

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How we can help

Get in touch with us right now to get a personalized proposal for administration and PRO services!

You’ve found 1Pro Centre DMCC, the ideal support company if you’re looking for assistance moving from launching your business to conducting business in Dubai.

Among other specialities, our knowledgeable and experienced professionals can assist you with share transfer processes, administrative support, and company liquidation.