We provide full support in obtaining UAE Residence Visa, Emirates ID for foreign investors, their families and dependents to help them start life in the UAE in order to live and work legally here in the UAE, supporting you throughout this process from start to finish.

With the constant changes and evolution of the Rules and Regulations in relation to the UAE’s immigration system, our visa team are on hand to ensure that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information at each stage throughout the residence visa process. Having operated in this region for over 5 years, we have built strong and professional relationships with a vast selection of Governmental Authorities and with this support, our team are able to offer our clients a hassle-free service, guaranteed in the quickest turn-around-time.

Transparency at each Step

Our team will provide you with the advice you need in relation to each specific application, providing detailed updates throughout the application for full transparency at each step of the process. Once a residence visa is successfully issued, UAE law dictates that individuals need to reside in Dubai for at least one day every 180 days to maintain a tax free residency and to keep a residency visa valid.
We provide the following service with each visa application that we process :

  • Preparation of Documents

    Preparation of all required Documents for New Visa

  • Visa Approval & Application

    We will process the visa approval & application of the official Entry Permit Visa.

  • Change Status

    Local change status if employee is inside the country.

  • Activation at the Immigration

    If the individual/employee is outside of the UAE, we will email this document for activation at the immigration counter, upon the next entry into the UAE.

  • Document Translation

    Providing assistance with document translation and attestation (if needed).

  • Medical and Emirates ID

    Preparation of Medical and Emirates ID.

  • Health Insurance

    Arranging Basic and Comprehensive health insurance are mandatory at the initial stage to get a new Residence Visa.

  • Collection and Delivering

    We will submit all documents for final submission to Immigration for processing and collect and deliver the documents to your door step