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Visa Designation in UAE – Visa applications


In the run up to Dubai Expo 2020, the UAE is doing everything it can to attract skilled workers to the country. According to analysts at PWC, the UAE ...

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Low-Cost Business Setup in Dubai

Cheap is not the first word that comes to mind when you think of Dubai. Far from it, in fact. The emirate has a reputation for being larger than life....

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Low cost business set up in Dubai

Dubai is among the world’s most famous business environments. A growing economy, strategic global location and incredibly attractive tax regime have l...

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Your Guide to Renew Emirates ID in the UAE


If you already live and work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you will no doubt be familiar with the Emirates ID. If you aren’t aware, all residents...

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The Know-how: Company formation in Dubai


Dubai is one of the most profitable cities in the world, attracting a lot of attention from entrepreneurs and investors looking to set up shop. Due to...

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Types Of Licenses For Business Setup Services in UAE


The United Arab Emirates is largely regarded as the financial centre of the Middle East. Over the last two decades, the banking, industrial, commerce,...

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7 Advantages of Having a Trade License When Starting a Business in Dubai

Business meeting in progress at a boardroom of an emirati businessman’s office.

The most common definition of a business license is clear and formal. A business license allows you to do business in a particular region. It does not...

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5 Benefits of Getting Help with Recruitment When Starting a Business in Dubai


To achieve optimal efficiency and production, any organisation must bring the right individuals on board. As a result, while starting a business in Du...

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What Are the Top 5 Industries for New Businesses in Dubai?

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Dubai has become one of the most sought-after places for doing business. It’s a thriving international hub with tax-friendly policies and an outstandi...

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