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Are you looking to set up a business in Dubai? Starting a business in Dubai is easy with help from the right professionals. 1PRO Centre offers the best and economical business setup services in Dubai, UAE

About 1PRO Centre DMCC

We are based in Dubai with over 5 years of experience in providing business setup and related services. The company specializes in designing and development of bespoke solutions for Business Setup, Immigration Services and Bank Account Opening across the United Arab Emirates for investors, willing to establish and expand their businesses in the UAE . We are specialized in providing the whole spectrum of PRO Services, business consultancy and government liaison services, for small and midsize companies and individuals.

Our professional team will assist you with all types of pre-employment and post-employment procedures, we help to process your company formation, immigration & visa formalities, in a hassle free manner. We have stayed besides the clients and supported them with the federal labor law consultation

We understand the market and keep ourselves updated to the ever-changing process and information for setting up and running a business. Additionally, it is our responsibility to provide accurate and up to date information to our clients based on their needs. Hence, we develop a completely tailored solution…..

A Mainland company is a company registered DED (Department of Economic Development). It means that if you choose to do business in UAE Mainland, you will need to register a business entity with the Department of Economic Development, which will then provide you a license to start business

A Free zone is a geographical region or jurisdiction which is allowed to conduct a predefined trading activity or set of activities in the UAE. Business set up in Dubai Freezone requires a license and the Freezone licenses in Dubai and UAE are issued based on the particular business activity of the company.

Company Liquidation in Dubai is a process in which an LLC company (or branch of a company), a sole establishment, a free zone company, or an establishment closes its operation and the assets and property of the company or establishment are shared with the Company’s creditors and shareholders.

Any documents submitted to the Governmental/Ministerial bodies of the UAE must be in Arabic. We offers the best Normal and legal translation service in UAE, If your documents are in other languages and need to be submitted before any of the Government entities of the UAE, you need to get…

We provides Attestation Services for all Personal Documents, Educational , Certificate and Company Documents. We offer our services to countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE), India, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia (KSA) hailing from varied departments in, UK, USA,…..

The best PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the common ones that we get, along with answers to the questions. Contact us if any of your questions are not answered here.

How can I set up a business in Dubai?

To start a business in Dubai you need to obtain a business license . There are three types of business licenses mainly. Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore. The procedure for each type of license differs.

Primarily business set up in Dubai involves the following-

  • Initial approval from the competent authority, for initiation of the business.
  • Legal and official approval from the authority after thorough verification of the documents. This includes the investor’s identity, qualifications, resident status, financial stability and so on.
  • The authorities will also ascertain the feasibility of the business by examining the official and commercial space, AOA and MOA, the basic structure of the organisation etc.

Are there any legal complexities for setting up a business in Dubai?

The laws of the land in the UAE have been prepared considering ease of investment. The authority carries out the procedures and legal formalities in a quick manner. Hence, you do not have to wait too long for commencing your business operations in Dubai/ UAE.

Can you tell me the visa requirements for business and employees for company formation in the UAE?

The visa requirements will depend on the type of business formation.

  • A mainland company will require a resident visa for the management and other responsible members. Then only you can recruit employees to your company.
  • The size of the Free Zone company will be evaluated by the governmental agencies prior to issuing a visa for its staff.
  • An offshore establishment holder does not need a resident visa.

What are the advantages of setting up a business in Dubai?

Dubai welcomes investors with open hands. One of the most developed cities in the world, business in Dubai offers unparalleled possibilities. The tax regulations, legalities and other official norms are formulated in such a manner to support the investors. The extremely well developed and planned infrastructure gives you ample possibilities to prosper.

Is open trading possible in Dubai?

Yes. In fact, Dubai promotes open trading with 75% of products imported are tax exempted. It also gives tax-free operations for Free Zone companies. The trade policy exclusively developed for supporting businesses is conducive for the growth of small firms also.

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